Friday, March 20, 2009

Atlanta Bartlett: Starvecrow Cottage

Ok, so after this crazy roller coaster of a day (and posts- sorry!!) I just wanted to show you another great Atlanta Barlett location, Starvecrow Cottage (love that name!)

This one is a contemporary bungalow in East Sussex. Obviously a bit too minimalist for me personally, but I can still appreciate its beauty & its nature-focused spaces.

The living room, below: The hide rug & painting warm it up a bit but I'd still need some more.

The all-white bathroom. There is some strange GI-Joe/ action-figure/ cartoon stuff going on in this house: (?? don't get it.)

Below, the crazy kids' bedroom. Very space-age but could you imagine how cool it would be to stay there as a kid???!!

The master bedroom is below. See the army fatigues???!! Anyone get this?? (Because I totally don't)

Below is a scary wild pig. It adds some spunk to this place though.

I would love this only if I had a LOT of land:

Below, the vintage/ mid-century modern kitchen:

And, finally, I'm actually LOVING this shower:

Anyway, have a great weekend & thank you (SO MUCH)all again for your help & advice!!!

The Search For Home: A Counter Offer

I just wanted to thank everyone SO much for the advice. I really haven't felt that low in I can't remember how long. (When I thought we might be letting the house go... I just felt sick.)

Anyway, after doing a bit more research (on the comps), more soul-searching & realizing we really do have to follow our gut, (we're the ones who have to live here, right?) we made a counter offer.

We'll be waiting to hear back, but I just can't tell you all how much I appreciate all of your advice & stories & I really do consider you all my friends- thanks so much :)

have a great weekend!!


The Search For Home: HELP WANTED

hi guys,

just wanted to let you know that the sellers have come down a bit on their price but not as low as our offer. we love the house so much but have our agents & some of our parents telling us to let it go. We're really torn right now. The number they came down to was the number we originally said we wanted it for but now we have family & ppl telling us that amount is too high. my dad, who's a dreamer/ entrepreneur like me, is thinking we should go for it...

I know most people giving us advice don't see the potential we do in this house (some of them haven't even seen the house) but I also know we're young & unseasoned.

I know it's pathetic but I feel like I'm getting dumped. sucker punched. letting this house go feels wrong in my heart & I just don't know what to do.

If we let it go at this point I will feel like we're being told to let it go, not like we let it go because it felt right.