Monday, March 7, 2011

Pretty easy breakfast

I love simple special meals. (Yes, there are times when I like to go all out & spend a ton of time doing something really special, but for the most part I like to keep things quick and easy.)  On the weekends we like to do leftover breakfasts where we use everything leftover from the week in the fridge. 

Here's a picture of something I like to do to make it feel more like a treat:

{Yogurt in my husband's Great Aunt Stella's etched crystal dish}

Plain old yogurt from the plastic Dannon containers it in a pretty dish with fresh fruit on top just tastes so much better.  My husband brought home these pretty yellow daisies and I loved them with the yellow botanical in our kitchen:

We loooove leftover breakfast burritos:

This week we ended making them out of eggs, white rice (leftover from the Chinese takeout the night before), sausage, mushrooms and fresh homemade pico de gallo.

{Justin wearing his burrito }

{Here's a picture of me making my visiting cousin babywipe his plate off so I could take a pretty picture of his burrito.  See what it's like being related to me??!}

{And I said I wouldn't put this picture of them in their pjs on here but I couldn't resist.}

Hope you had a great weekend-  Ours was crazy busy but good!  {I left my daily planner/ schedule at our hotel in LA and had it next day aired home via UPS but came to find out this morning- 3 days later- that they accidentally sent it back GROUND...  I am seriously a lost person without it and feel like a total mess!! eeeek}.  We have a small photoshoot here in the "studio" (i.e. my basement) for Piccola Magazine today, so I'm off to clean.

Anyway, would love to hear your breakfast shortcuts!!

xoxo, Lauren

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Friday, March 4, 2011

New Irregular Blog Series

As anyone who writes a blog, knows, reading comments from readers is always a bright spot in the day.  I often go back and read them multiple times and either feel good, take mental notes because they're so informative, laugh, tear up, get excited or just mull them over.  I've been thinking about this for a while now...

At the Design Blogger's Conference, Paloma who writes one of my favorite blogs, La Dolce Vita, mentioned that readers love series & regularity in a blog.  (I know I do)   But, if you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you probably know that I'm not very regular and really don't know what I'll write before I actually write it on most days.  The last time I tried a series, it was Pure Organization... Do you remember that?   (Yeah, I doubted you did! ;)   I loved it at first but then having it be so regular started to feel like work to me and I really don't want any more work.

{Pure Organization Project #2... Redoing the coat closet}

I use this blog as an outlet of sorts and what's coming "out" of me isn't very regular.  BUT I have decided that I will start a very tiny not-rigidly-regular blog series called In  your words, in which I'll share a favorite comment whether it be because its's informational, inspirational, funny, poignant, etc. from a past post.  I have so many and know could never get to them all, but it's my small way of thanking you for reading along & taking the time to leave your thoughts. 

So... today I've got an informational comment to share from the post I wrote waaaay back called Brass is Back, which you can read here. The commenter, Blogardener, writes:

The brass that is so universally hated is actually LACQUERED. Brass, either oxidized or polished, has a lovely mellow warmth. The cheapy builder's stuff has a bright, almost cool yellow tone. Cool + yellow = blech! You can remove the lacquer for the beautiful metal underneath unless it isn't solid brass at all, but a brass PLATE that's been lacquered. That's the stuff I'd paint or replace.

Brass is gorgeous, mixes well with other metals, historic (the real deal has never gone out of style), and it cleans itself of bacteria every eight hours (oligodynamic effect). Not so with steel or porcelain (which was ironically once a popular replacement for brass knobs because it was thought to be antiseptic).

So glad to see this post!

{Southern Accents Kitchen via Urban Grace blog}

Blogardener does not have a public profile but I will be sure to link back to any commenters that do!  I think what she wrote about the builder's brass is so true and how to tell if you can/ should redo ir replace.  As with most things in design, trends are in a constant state of flux, so it's really best to go with what's right for you and forget about what's in or out. 

Enjoy your weekend!!  Also, I'll be posting in-progress pictures of the DC Design House on the Pure Style Home facebook page in a little bit if you want to check it out.   (You can click on the left sidebar of the blog to "like" Pure Style Home on facebook.)

xoxo, Lauren

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where I've been...

{Jack of Fox 5 filming the 'before' in my DC Design House Room, photo by Sherry Moeller}

We just got home from a crazy weekend/ week in California.   After a great Bare Bones Tour at the showhouse in DC on Saturday (pic above), I hopped onto the plane with my husband, Dave, and 3-year-old, Christian, to LA.  We got in late that night and rented a car and drove to Disneyland. 

The actual purpose behind our trip was the Design Blogger's Conference but we were able to sneak Disney in on Sunday, which was awesome. 

{Breakfast = Room Service}

I looooove staying in hotels and it's been a while.  I think room service might be my favorite part.  {Once when Dave & I were first married, we brought our card table to our bedroom and put a tablecloth on it with yummy food and pretended we were getting room service.  hahah I know how sad that sounds but it really was great and this reminds me that I want to do it again.}

I loved our first hotel in California, which was the Hyatt by Disneyland.  The view was awesome and because of the 3-hour time difference, we got to see the sunrise: 

I haven't been to Disney since I was a kid and I don't think I've ever been to Disneyland before. (Just "World.")  It was so pretty!  I picked up a new camera at the Target there because my massive camera is tough to carry around and whip out at a moment's notice.  We've been meaning to get a tiny one for a while and I'm so glad we did. 

Soooo... I went a little picture crazy.  Definitely annoying.  I took pics of everything:

{Castle Pond}

{Two ducks in the pond...  it looked like they were kissing when I clicked the button, but I guess I was too slow for her.}

{Christian on the shuttle to Disneyland... Wondering what in the world this "Disneyland" we'd been hyping up actually was.}

loved this one:

{the teacups}

I loved being around all of the green.  Everything's dead at home and getting a dose of color just felt so good on the soul.

I am officially dying for Spring.

Want some of these bad boys lining our property:

And I had to take this pic of It's a Small World:

The Haunted Mansion has always been my favorite:

I caught a glimpse of the Evil Stepmother peeking out from the curtains:

{kind of spooky}

And I was crazy over the tour through Sleeping Beauty's Castle.  I loved it!!

After Disneyland, we headed to LA to the Sofitel for the Design Blogger's Conference.  Christian ended up getting 2 really bad ear infections and we spent an afternoon at the medi-merge (he was balling/ screaming.. have never seen him like that) so I did miss a bit, but I can't wait to share the good stuff I did get to hear/see. 
For now though, I'm off to bed and will be sure to share details as soon as I can get a bit caught up around here.   I met a lot of amazing women and it was so nice to be around people who get this whole blogging thing.

Before I run, here's a peek at my design board for the DC Design House Room: 

Shocking, I know, but I went with greens.  Since this is really the first time I've ever gotten the chance to design with no real budget contraints and no client, I really wanted to do the space almost as if it were my own.  I have imaginary clients in mind with this space, and if I had to describe them, I'd say they're an older thoughtful couple who loves to both travel and be at home.  They've collected interesting pieces & objects over the years and I gave them my personal design aesthetic.  (Hence, the green and tradtional-vintage-modern mix)  I envisioned the room as a "hideaway" room in the upstairs of the massive Tudor home.  It's the place where people can go to get away from everything: read a book, take a nap, write, blog, etc ;) ;)  I like to imagine that anyone stumbling into this room would feel like they could use it as their own.  I would have loved exploring the house as a kid and I can imagine a child laying on the window seat, reading a book and wondering about the paintings on the walls.  I wish I had this getaway room in my house. 
And finally, thanks to everyone who sent me Disney advice... we took it and it was perfect!!

xoxo, Lauren

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