Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Hear the Crows!!! : Fall Houses & Inspiration

This morning when I woke up, my bedroom window was open & it was dark & dreary outside & I could hear the crows cawing. THIS is Fall to me. I love the dark days as much as the bright crisp & brisk ones. Fall just wakes up something inside of me & I love it!!!

I thought I'd share a bunch of my favorite "Fall" images with you... And the list is long. (I have more but got tired of scanning.) These are homes & spaces that remind me of Fall whether they're fall-related or not. Sometimes it's just a simple pumkin on a table... but that's enough to do it for me. The dining room below (and image above) is from Oct's Country Living & the mix of vintage chairs is perfectly eclectic.

I can't remember where this pic below came from but I just love the drop-leaf table as a console...All of the warm wood tones remind me of Fall...

This Country Living (I think??) dining room below would be perfect for a Fall lunch!! Love that torn-down wallpaper aged look.

Below, Annie Selke's home is full of oranges.

Below, so cozy:

The CL dining room below would be beautiful in any season but the warmth of it feels liek Fall to me...
The bedroom in the same home... how amazing is that brick wall?!!
I've always been crazy over this Pottery Barn bedroom below... I just love that cuckoo look on the walls!!

A perfect Fall entry... This makes me want to line the entire sidewalk up to our house in pumkins & gourds: (And then I'd have to put a sign out for highschoolers saying "You touch, you die.")

More from Martha Stewart:

How simple & pretty?!!! Urns with potted mums are elegant & festive:
This space (CL) has the feel mixed with some metallic glam:

Ohhhhhh (martha) How perfect is this spread?? Some wine & cheese & apples anyone??

Even with all the crisp white , i still feel "Fall" in here: (CL)

Such perfect age !! (martha's house)

I ALWAYS think of this house when I think of Fall. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dining room!!!! WOW I just can't get over all the mirrors & the chandlier and the pumkin in the urn on the round table... (So doing that this year)
And just had to share her bedroom. (The owner is Kirby Ellis) ... how beautiful is this antique mirror as a headboard? She's got such a feminine, over-the-top yet still simple style in here.. LOVE it!!

The next series of images is from another favorite "Fall House" of mine. It was featured in Country Living and belongs to Monique Keegan. I've shown it before but must show again... Gorgeous soapstone coffee table:
Here's the study:
LOVE: PERFECTION: Just so warm & collected. Her use of industrial pieces is awesome...

She uses lots of vintage medical equipment throughout the house. Love the charts below. (FOund some at Lucketts a while back but -even there- couldn't get over the price!!!)

And here's the outside.. Is that a perfect Halloween house or what?!!! The parties I would have!!!!

I know they've got tulips in the (House Beautiful) living room below but the room itself feels very Fall to me... Picture some branches instead....

Such a simple Fall tablesetting (martha):

More from Country Living.. How inviting is that green chair with the orange throw?
I'm CRAZY over this photo below.... I want that. enough said...
A smashed-full book shelf from Country Home is so warm & cozy for Fall... Just pick a book & sit down by the fire!!!! (Oh what heaven!!!)

Another Country Home... I love the look of using red & orange leaves for arrangements...

Oh, and we can't forget how good soup tastes in the Fall.... (CL)\

This pic below makes me happy (CL)... It's a lake in Wisconsin and reminds me so much of my dad's lake in Antioch...

And hay rides!!!! I can't wait to take Christian on his first one this year!!!!!

This (CL) house before is light & airy (it's the same house with that touch of glam from above) but you can see how all the autumnal accents just work:


Great chair fabric:
See how easy it is??? They just plunked some pumpkins and a vase of leaves from the yard down.... It's so simple & I love the price!!!

Another awesome orange space (below) in Annie Selke's home... WOW
How great is this orange tub??? Not sure I'd want it all year-round but you can always paint over it!!!! So much fun.. I take that back.. maybe in a kids' bath...

A cozy stuffed table setting.. just so cheerful:

Just LOVE the arrangement below (martha)... Again that round table & antique Chinese urn are what do it for me.. Piled with books?!!!! perfect!!!!! Just putting out thigns with lots of age & character in the Fall can really warm up your home...

And finally, one last pic of a "murder" of crows from here. So spooky & I just love crows.. Maybe I shouldn't be telling you this, but I can call the crows. No joke. Yes, I did it in high school (hahahah I was/ still am weird!!!) one day and so many came in the courtyard that girls got freaked out & ran inside... Another time I did it in the summer while lifegaurding and they started going to the bathroom all over the guests at the pool and the ladies yelled at me to stop! I don't know when it started (at a really young age) but it's actually very easy to caw just like a crow & they really do start coming from all directions to you. It's crazy. Ok, please come back to my blog & don't be scared.

hahahaha xoxo,