Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beach Studios: Unkempt Beauty

I came across this beautiful & unruly Beach Studios location, called "Sperm Bank." (I felt indecent writing that in the title!! :) Anyway, above, is the very apt whale weather vane. I love this location for its wild, almost abandoned feeling. How beautiful is the photo below?!!

I love the massive vines overtaking the structure-- Is that wisteria?? It reminds me of something out of a fairytale... Stumbling upon a sleepy hidden cottage in the woods...

Below is the dining area insided the house. I LOVE the transoms & how real and undecorated this place feels.

Below, the blue is so pretty & it feels like someone really interesting lives here. I would just love to wander through this place & explore!!
How pretty is this shot, below? I love how the prints are placed anywhere they can fit, instead of perfectly displayed. Is that a library I see through the doorway on the left? Also, how funny is it that the plastic baby seat on the far right chair just sort of blends in & doens't look at all out of place on an antique chair?! (It's things like that that I really love--- the old fitting with the new & with "real life." It's like the grandparents live here or something & they keep the seats out for when the kids come to visit. ) It still manages to look beautiful to me.

Below, is one of the bedrooms. Very simple and seems like the perfect place for a vacation afternoon nap. I love the wall color with the curtains. Again, this room just feels a bit thrown together and its not anything about the decor I like specifically, but there's something about its feeling that I love.

And below, is one finaly shot of the property. I hope to have something this overgrown one day.

On a personal note concerning the flood, things are going really well here. We're halfway through packing for the new house & will probably get most of the important things covered by insurance. We will be sleeping at my grandparents' house starting Tuesday (they're going on a trip) and will have a great place to sleep!! My laptop is dead, but they were able to save all the memory & my photos so I'm thrilled!! And a camera that used to be broken now works after being soaked!! craziness. We're really really happy (and exhausted!!) about everything & are just so excited & counting down the days until we move into the treehouse!!
Thank you all so much for your sweet words (I can't tell you enough how much they mean to me) & I won't be able to blog/ read as much as usual until I get a computer/ and things get a bit more settled, but I'll be thinking of you & wondering what I'm missing!! If anyone writes any posts or reads any posts that you think I'll just totally LOVE, could you please shoot me an email?!! thanks so much