Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guest Bloggers Update

Thanks so much for your feedback! I've scheduled the guest bloggers for the 4 months following Baby 2's arrival! If you all like the series, which will be called "Spaces" and feature rooms designed by some of our favorite bloggers, I'll definitely keep it going after the 4 months & would love to add on more of our favorite bloggers to the list & will be looking to have new bloggers come show us their stuff!

(image above from Cottage Living via Everything LEB)
I appreciate all of your input and I think you'll be really excited when you get to peek into the spaces of some of amazingly creative & talented bloggers/ designers/ DIYers!


Baby & Blog Plans

Today I'm looking for your feedback. I'm due to have another one of these on Christmas Eve:
I'm planning on keeping Pure Style Home up & running, but I will definitely be needing to take a small step back for a little while. My goal is to have at least 3 posts a week: 1-2 from me & I've had some very sweet blogger friends agree to help with some guest blogging. ( I think you'll be very excited!!) My plan is to have 1 guest blogger per week. What I would love to know is what you'd like to see from them. (image below from Eddie Ross)

-Before & Afters?

-Pics & explanations of design choices in a favorite room they've designed? (kind of like the ones I do when we finish a project)

-Something about their design philosophies?

-And my brain is shutting down (eek!) so would love your ideas here!!

And also, I don't have my whole list of guest bloggers yet & haven't contacted anyone yet (just in the very beginning stages & a few friends offered which is what started this idea) so can you let me know of anyone you'd like to see & maybe I can ask & see what they say?

Thanks so much & I can't wait to hear your ideas!!



ps- thanks so much for all your really sweet feedback regarding our kitchen!! it made my day- no week!!! :)