Monday, August 23, 2010

Crazy carpets

This is the first portion of the crazy carpets, and which began the series. Currently there is material for another part, but permanently out new, so there will be other parts. We will not rush in many descriptions and explanations, because the pictures show everything.
Start with my favorite carpet Sunny side up, which in combination with yellow cushions, like a fried poached egg.
Should my other favorite Grand Grand Splatch, which represents the pool with interesting effect, and even has tramplinche as a seat. Large is 3.8 meters to 3,4 m.
Continue with the Persian carpet-puzzle that can easily be ordered and deterioration. I suppose there are no problems with maintenance shoved the pieces in the washing machine and ready.
And a rug with a picture of the Sacramento River from a bird’s eye. It is a pedestrian bridge connecting the Sacramento International Airport with parking. They call it Flying carpet.
The latter is the case of a carpet company JAB ANSTOETZ. It is handmade and is honored with the award “red dot award: “product design 2006″, which is a major achievement in design.
And if you want to look for these extravagant Kimi in the nearest market and the interior will make you feel really, really well in his own house.