Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One perfect picture & a hug from mom

{Windsor Smith's LA Home, photo by Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful}

I wanted to get a beautiful photo up to replace the house dropped on the Wicked Witch of the East from the previous post.  ;)   I'm pretty sure this space is one of the most incredible I've ever seen.  Windsor Smith is amazing.  I'm not going to go over all of the details, but in short, I think it's perfect.

Thanks everyone so much for the kind words yesterday & I know so many of you are in the exact same boat.  I hate to get all mushy, but I will because I realized something and I think it's worth mentioning,  My mom came over yesterday to help with the kids (like she does twice a week) and she could tell I was feeling overwhelmed.  She was sitting on the sofa and said, "Aw, come here" and I did and she just hugged me like a kid and I got a little teary and felt better.  I have to say I definitely thought I was past that "mom-makes-it-all-better-with-a-hug-thing," but I'm not.  It still works.

She helped clean the (terribly-messy/ trashed) house and stayed late to babysit the kids so I could take Dave out for his birthday dinner.  It's pretty amazing what moms can do and I'm so thankful for mine.  She swooped in and fixed me just when I needed her. 

{thanks mom}

And since I've already gone down the emo-road today, I have to mention that my husband does the all-better-with-a-hug-thing and it always seems to work too.