Friday, August 6, 2010

Pure Organization- What???!!

Do you remember when I started "Pure Organization" this past January 2010and was all set to get organized?  Well, as you probably noticed, I totally slacked off on that front and we spent more of our time redoing rooms & on other projects that on actually organizing.  (Kids, work, life too, you know ;)

{Coat Closet Reorganization}

BUT, as the school year nears (noooooo!! ;)  it's time to get thinking about organization again & being productive.  But this time, since so many of our weekly projects are decorating-focused or food-focused, or whatever-focused, I'm renaming it "Pure Living 2010."  Mr.Linky will be back on Monday if anyone want to participate & I've decided that lots of the projects will just be fun, simple things that make us happy so that way we have some super-productive projects to get things done and then some fun ones to keep us going. 

{Paint Touch-up Jars Project #1}

This Monday's proejct (#12 I think??) will be to create a pretty simple, summer flower arrangement using flowers or herbs from your yard/ windowsill/ neighbor'd garden ( hee hee ;)  whatever.. but something that didn't cost you anything, and add it to your table for dinner and as many days as it will last.  I'm off Spring-Summer break and am ready to rock so I'll be back on Monday with pics of my flowers.  I am SO not slacking this time.  Ummm... and if I try to, can you convince me to stay strong?? :) 

xoxo, Lauren

ps- I just joined Twitter and am not quite sure how it works yet so we'll see how that goes!!  If you know how to find me on there, please do!

Munster Interiors Magazine!!

Thanks so much to Lorna of Garrendenny Lane who included me in her Munster Interiors Magazine (of Ireland)  Blogwatch article:

It's so fun to think that when we write blogs, people from all over the world are reading.  Here's the article: 

To read the full article, (which includes some of my favorite bloggers) go here.  Have a beautiful weekend!!!  We're "getting organized" - ha!

xoxo, Lauren