Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happikat by LL Textiles

{'Happikat' by Lauren Liess Textiles-- eeeek}

I definitely squeeled when I received our very first fabric strike-off in the mail today.  I'm sooooo excited and it's amazing to see the designs we've been working on for so long on a beautiful linen.  I can't wait to get my hot mitts on the others.  I named this overscaled ikat "Happikat" because it really is one of those fun, fearless fabrics that just makes me happy. (And -only half-kidding here- it helps me remember how to pronounce "ikat"  ;)    My good college friend & artist, who helped me create this design {with her magical skills}  is also named Kat!   rarrrr  {Kat Wright technically}

This design was basically a serious doodle for me.  As you might remember, I can't draw, so I just sort of let go and had fun with it.  I incorporated a little bit of a Grecian vase shape into it (which isn't in this section so you can't really see it) and just kind of added curls & little paisley shapes & dots where it felt like it needed it.  I knew I wanted a bold overscaled ikat with a linear feel and just sort of kept at it until I was happy with the way it all intertwined.  Kat then took the drawing I made and evened it out/ made it perfectly symmetrical and made it look as pretty as it was in my head.  (because mine was scaaaaaary in actuality)  It's been amazing to work with the artists on these designs because they are talented enough to create what you have in your head & are trying to communicate.  It's a totally different form of design thatn I do and I'm in complete awe.

I'm using the new fabric in the bedroom/ sitting room I'm designing for the DC Design House, so I'll be sure to keep you posted on our progress.  It'll be available in several colorways on linen.  (The background of this black & white print is a bit creamier than it's reading in the photos and we still have a few tweaks to make here & there.) 

I've got a busy day heading over to the Design House tomorrow to meet with the other designers & our contractors, so gingers crossed all is smooth!  For the past couple of weeks we've been working on securing donations from companies in the industry, shops, artisans & contractors, and I'm really amazed at everyone's generosity.  {Like I mentioned before, all proceeds from the DC Design House go to Children's Hospital.}   I can't wait to share everyone's info with you because so much of their stuff is to-die-for and you will looooove it like I do.

**update:  oops I almost forgot:  I'm hoping to have the fabrics ready to rock by April.  :)  ...working on  on pricing & on finalizing some of the designs.  {And just to fill you in/ warn you, high-quality linen textiles are not cheap, especially when they are not mass-produced.  I am working on getting the price down as low as I can to make the textiles as affordable as possible, but our fabrics will in no way be at the low-end of the spectrum both price & quality-wise.-  hope that made sense! ;)   

xoxo, Lauren

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The natural element

When examining rooms that I really love (both in photos & in life) I've noticed there there almost always needs to be some natural elements in a room for me to really love it.  By natural elements, I mean wood (either stained or raw), textured materials such as natural woven shades, baskets or natural fiber rugs rugs, leathers, plants, etc.  and I've noticed that that same feeling can come across in certain textiles,  metals and paintings so often they serve that purpose.

A room that's full of bright, bold happy saturated color needs grounding elements in order for me to love it.   I've noticed that I tend to like rooms missing the brown element at first glance, but that as I study them, I often grow bored.  They feel a little one-dimensional and unsophisticated and a little bit like children's rooms:

{My little guy Christian's bedroom...  the woven shades add a little of that brown I'm talking about, but this also gives you the idea of what I mean about how a kids' scheme often feels}

Below, I love this room by Betsy Burnham.  The metal drum table, the inside of the fireplace, the lamp, and the bird figurines on the mantle, are these natural (brown as is often the case) touches I'm talking about.  They ground the room just enough and make it perfectly livable & comfortable. 

(image via Apartment Therapy...  ps- I'm doing a 4-chair arrangement with a client in her living room right now & I'm so excited about it.  loooove the cozy layout.}

In the room below by Gerrie Bremermann, it's the sisal rug & tapestry pillow on the left that provide this natural element.  They bring this elegant formal room down just a notch so that it's perfectly comfortable & a tad more approachable: 

{image via Cote de Texas}

It's partly my love for the outdoors and partly a need for texture and layers that has me craving natural elements somewhere in amost every room.  There's a lot of it in this room below (Lonny) with the exposed hardwood floors and A-mazing tapestry:


I'm not saying that there aren't beautiful rooms without the natural element...  because there definitely are...  but for me personally to really fall in love with a room, I need it. 

{The armoire, floors: Southern Accents}

{The rug, painting, table and kitty stand: Domino}

{the shades, S.Gambrel}

{I can't remember where I found this...  the bed, tableand mirrors in reflection}

(Windsor Smith's living room in House Beautiful...  It's the rug, chest and other wooden elements throughout the room.  loooooove}

Adding the natural element is simple.  It can wake up a dead space like nothing else.  Add some natural woven shades to your windows or bring in a big gorgeous fern (which is always semi-temporary in my case because of my black thumb).  Add a natural fiber rug under your current rug for another layer of natural texture...  Switch out some artwork, swap pillows, add textured blankets in, baskets, etc. 

Anyway, the kids are up and I hear giggles from the nursery so I have to run.  Have a great day!!!

xoxo, Lauren

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