Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Atlanta Bartlett: Adelaide Road

I'm totally caught up in house-hunting right now & my mind's going in a million different directions but I desperately wanted to give you something pretty to look at (and since all of my options are so not pretty) so here are some photos of one of Atlanta Bartlett's Beach Studios Locations, Adelaide Road. It's described as a "large period property in south London" and is available to decorate. I love all of the simple aged & painted finishes, the huge doses of white & the relaxed elegance in this house.

All the way up on the third floor (below) there is an artist's studio which is so perfectly messy:

They have this great industrial-looking storage piece. I'm not sure what was used for... anyone?

This living room (below) is so relaxed yet elegant. I love the bookshelves & could you imagine how much fun it would be to style them all the time??

Of course I'm loving all the linen & sisal rug too. There's just this great patina about everything in this house. It feels like it's been here for ages.

Check out the finishes below!!

I love how "undecorated" this place feels. I don't like it as much when rooms are super put-together & there's such a realness to these rooms.

The hallways always seem to be so pretty too. In my own homes I've always tried to do this but it's not as easy as it looks because of space constraints.

We don't actually get to see into this bedroom (below) --- someone must've been taing a nap ;) ;) but this little glimpse is so pretty and fresh!

LOVE LOVE LOVE flung open french doors in any room but especially a kitchen:

Below is another view into the kitchen which looks like it's practically outside. gorgeous!!
And on the main level there's also a living room and a little multi-purpose room with a piano & and a writing desk.

The floors are painted white on this level & just make the place so airy & light. Love the mini crystal chandelier below:

Below is a view into the living room. The modern print on the pillows make it for me. They add such a a nice pop of pattern:

The floorplan & scale of some of the pieces (below) looks a little rough & I'd probably do a rearrange & swap out some pieces, but I still love the feeling in this room & it would be great to hang in:

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on the house-hunt & hope you enjoyed another of Atlanta Barlett's amazing locations!!!