Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Haskell Harris

Ok, so I know I said I was taking a break from blogging this week, but I opened up Southern Living Magazine (very weird that it arrived at my house today since I don't subscribe to it, but I'm not complaining!! :) and saw Haskell Harrris' house featured & was so excited that I had to post!!

Haskell Harris was Special Projects Editor and Assistant Homes Editor at Cottage Living Magazine, which I think is probably my favorite magazine. (The more I go through old issues for inspiration on this new house, the more I miss it!!!) She painted the outside of the cottage herself & I'm loving the stripes on the porch floor. (below) Also, I covet that porch swing & the clematis growing up the posts.

The living room is definitely a "Cottage Living" room with its natural woven shades, comfortable yet pretty furnishings, and the perfect mix of old & new. (The black & white bird fabric on the wingchairs also happens to be a fabric I'm having made into a banquette for a client so I was happy to see it looking so good!! :) How cool is the reclaimed shelf hanging over the sofa with all of the photos?

Below is the kitchen, where she was able to get the gray cabinets for a steal. I wish there were more photos of the kitchen because I spy the tiniest bit of the hexagonal tile floors that I love so much and would love to check out the rest of it!!

*** Thanks so a very sweet reader, Wendi, I now have a photo of the tiles(below)!!!! She was able to find the kitchen & sent me a pic of it!! :)***

Haskell used more of the same subway tiles in the bathroom & it keeps the house feeling cohesive. I'm liking the area to the right where the cabinet doors were removed and she put baskets on the shelves. (We have a funny area like this in our new house & it reminds me of a changing station!!) I also love the open shelving above the toilet.

Below is the collection of mirrors she put together in her bedroom. She found some of the frames at flea markets & had glass cut to fit. The pale pink color she chose on the walls (along with all of the paint colors in the home) was inspired by a bag of gourmet marshmallows she saw.

I'm normall not a big pink person but I think it's just so pretty & airy in this room. She was able to use some of her family's antiques in the house while still maintaining a fresh feeling. The lanai quilt below looks a lot like some of the Pottery Barn quilts from last year. And how funny is it that even her fan looks good?!! I love how simple & functional her bedroom is. It's got such a "no more, no less" perfection to me.

Brooke from Blueprint Bliss has an awesome post on this house, so check it out here!! (haha I am slow!) Also, Haskell has a blog & you can check it out here!!!


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