Sunday, September 20, 2009

DC Blogger Party for Eddie & Jaithan!

Michele of My Notting Hill had a DC-area blogger party this past weekend & it was just so much fun!!! Check out Michele's pics & post on the party here. (Unfortunately I was a bad blogger & didn't remember to get pics until the very end when lots of people had already left!!! Some of these pics are Michele's!) here's Michele with Eddie:

She & her husband were such gracious hosts. Everyone went nutty over the Cuban pork he made!!! WOW. And the gorgeous addition to the home in the back. The whole thing was windows/ doors and looked out over the beautiful patio & pool. (jealous!!! :) Michele filled it with an awesome mix of new & thrift finds. Her coffee table that she found for $8 and had a new piece of glass made for ($60) was a show-stopper. Bob from Homer's Odd Isn't He who works for the Kellog Collection said it retails for around $3,000!!!! Go Michele!!!! (i wish I had a pic!!!)

When Eddie & Jaithan arrived with their friend Caroline, everyone was just so excited. They both have thisgreat contagious energy & sense of fun. Below is a photo of Eddie & Terri from WindLost, two of my favorite people!!!!

Anf here's the gang that was left when I finally broke out the camera at the very end: Michele, Eddie, Jaithan, Anne Hardock, me ( + baby 2), and Gretchen Ginnerty. Anne gave me the warmest welcome at the party & just made my night!
Here's a good one of Terri & me that I got from Michele. I will definitely post more pics when she sends them to me because her camera was "magic" and gave you the nicest tan when the flash went off. (yes please!! ) Terri is just as sweet & insightful & real in person as she is on her blog. I was thrilled to finally meet her in person!! (And our husbands even got along! haha)
I met so many awesome local bloggers & it was just so much fun seeing them in person. I wish I had pics!!!! arggggg Terri Sapienza, our hero from the Washington Post, was there too & she is just gorgeous!!!!! The time flew by so quickly & the night was over & I realized there were so many I didn't get the chance to talk with!!! arrggg but I guess that's how a good party goes, right??
And finally, here I am with the lovely hostess. Michele is just one of the coolest, kindest, most gracious people ever. She made us all feel right at home and make entertaining for 40+ look effortless!
Thank you Michele!!!!! I'll post more in a bit on the rest of the weekend with Eddie & Jaithan. We had a blast!!!