Friday, March 6, 2009

I swear I do love color!!!


One of my best friends is getting married this month & I just wanted to give you a peak at her gifts! (haha ok, so this is actually for someone else, but I do love all the color!! :) It's sort of becoming a tradition... when my husband & I got married, I bought a set of Jadeite mixing bowls for us :
To go with my aqua kitchenaide mixer (It's actually has a bit more green in it in person & they blend really well together):

Then I got my other best friend (who was going through a pink obsession at the time-- haha i think she's over it now!) a beautiful set of vintage pink pyrex mixing bowls:

Which work well with her steel-finish mixer: (Unfortunately her new kitchen is red & my bowls will totally clash but they're out of sight until use!)

So, to carry on the tradition & bring a little vintage-fun to Mo (the bride-to-be) I went out searching for these vintage pyrex mixing bowls (I have known for years this is what she was getting!):

I went to an antique fair & found all but the green bowl at one booth & then went on to comb the other booths for the missing link. To go with her mixing bowls, I also found her a paisley-patterned apron, potholder & dish cloths online (by Elizabeth James) in bright & happy colors:

And the dishcloths:
So, I'm off to NY for the weekend for her shower & bachelorette!!
have a great weekend & I'll be back Monday!!