Sunday, September 5, 2010

Help save the Pink Silo!!

One of my favorite stores, On a Whim Antiques, located in Lucketts, VA needs our help.  They need us to sign a petition to the county so that they can keep the pink polk-a-dotted silo.  We stopped by yesterday and were sad to hear that Donna Troxler now has to fight to keep her silo pink:

{On a Whim Antiques:  owner, Donna, with my two little guys and the pink polk-a-dotted silo}

There have been complaints about the color of her silo on Rt 15, and although Donna has found no law dictating the color of a structure, she is being forced to repaint it.  Donna's pink silo is not only whimsical & fun, but it also serves to bring attention and income to her store.  Without the eye-catching silo, many people could drive by without even noticing On A Whim Antiques.   Not to mention:  just down the road are some other amazing stores - The Old Lucketts Store & the Beekeeper's Cottage- and both have their own beautiful whimsical details that I'd hate to see go anywhere.  They also have items out in the grass for sale and it's an awesome treasure trove.  Donna has already been forced to move the merchandise in her lawn to the inside of her store, so I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they go after the other stores.  :(   

I seriously admire Donna: she's a determined, hardworking woman who's turned her dreams into a reality.  Donna's been in business for over 5 years and has built On A Whim from the ground up.  Donna donates a percentage of all sales to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and has already been forced to remove all of her pink breast cancer ribbons from the outside of her store.  She's got a steel core & I know this won't keep her down, but she does need our help.  She's supported me from the beginning when I was just starting out & I can't thank her enough.   

If you have a minute, please sign the online petition:

When you've signed your name, you will see a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and you do not have to donate in order to sign the petition.  (You can just "X" out the page once you see that pop up but of course you can donate if you'd like to)  Thank you so much.

xoxo, Lauren