Monday, June 8, 2009

Blogger Tags: 6 Things about Me & Splash Awards

I've been tagged by Sherri of Just the Five of Us and Alice of Searching for Style to do a post on 6 uninteresting things about myself and tag 6 other bloggers to do the same. Also, Copy Cat Chic tagged me in the "Splash Awards" where you list a bunch of blogs that you love and tag them. I'm honestly not much of a tagger because it's so hard for me to pick only a few blogs that I love, so I'm tagging everyone who wants to join in to post a link on either of these in the comments section.

1) I agree with people when they say "time is money" but I'd rather get paid in time. My husband and I have made some decisions & life choices that have left us with less money & more time. At times it can be a little tough (we'd love to travel more and furnish the whole house right away!!!) but in the end we're always happy with the choices we've made. Time with each other and our son is what's most important to us. My husband's a teacher & is about to have the whole summer off starting next week & I'm so excited!!!!

2) I love taking pictures of my finished work. When I take a picture of a finished project in a client or friend's home, I feel totally content. Almost like it's mine. Haha I know how weird & creepy that sounds but it's almost like I don't need that gorgeous lamp in my house because it's in so-and-so's house. Living vicariously I guess??

3) Every 5 years of my life, I've cut my hair really short. (chin length) it's very weird & I never realized it until the last time I did it, but literally at 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 I've gotten the "chop!"

4) Almost every day (when the weather's nice enough) my toddler & I go outside & I lay out a blanket in the grass and we read & eat snacks & play in the yard. It's one of my favorite times.

5)My toddler is watching Teletubbies right at this minute so I can finish this post (and I'm feeling guilty, so must run!!!) eeeeek bad mama!!

6) I'm pregnant!!! (I'm almost finished with first trimester (cannot wait for that!!) and now can tell you that I have been SO SLEEPY for the past few months and was a pretty worthless helper getting things done efficiently with the move!!!) I'm also showing way sooner (I guess they say this is normal the second time around??) and am wondering how big I'll get this time?!!! :) (The pic below is a little over 4 months during my first pregnancy and I'm almost that size right now) We're so excited & the baby's due around Christmas- New Years!!
so, whoever would liek to participate in the game of tag, just post a link in the comments section!!