Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eddie Ross's Elle Decor BIG WINDOW

Voting has started for the Big Window Challenge & I'm sure you can guess who's getting my vote.  ;)    In case you haven't heard, the Big Window Challenge is a competition between Bloomingdale's, Apartment Therapy and Elle Decor to see who can make the best Bloomingdale's window display using a piece from their new furniture line.  Eddie Ross (for Elle Decor) designed & finished installing his window, "The Modern Woman" Wednesday afternoon at Bloomingdale's.    (All subsequent photos by Addie Juell)

The window is the living room of an imaginary woman with a husband & 2 boys.  She's a hard-edged media mogul by day and a loving mom/ wife who loves to entertain by night & weekends ;)   She's treated herself to  this room and has taken a fairly traditional color palette of white & blues & injected it with bright pinks & oranges.  She 's not afraid to mix old and new. She displays her collections without apology and has surrounded herself with the things she loves.  I'd say the room is a bold modern take on traditional, but she'd say she doesn't care what it's "called," only that she loves it & it's very "her."  (She's a very confident woman.)  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

I think my favorite area of the space just might be the bar that Eddie created on the shelf.  (below) It's such a beautiful display and I am IN LOVE with those brass flowers!!!   (Brass is back baby! ;) The mix of brass, blue & glass throughout the room gives it a sparkly glow...  Imagine seeing it from the street at night! 

And of course the cocktail table is set to perfection:

Loving the lamps!  (below) The French man statue with his basket of pink candy is awesome.  Filled with chocolate or standard  mints it would have been fine, but filled with bright pink balls, it's funny & quirky.  It's the details like this that make me love a space & make it feel personal. 

And this woman is"real."  Here's the evidence in her cast off shoes, the comfy throw and a pile of magazines:

So now that you've seen the space, if you have the time, please go & vote for it!!!  You can also vote by texting "1" to 898-00.

The competition is fierce and Eddie needs our votes.  (The voting is set up at Apartment Therapy where you have to login to vote, but I promise it's really easy & they never send you emails bugging you.  It takes 2 seconds. )  We're allowed to vote twice/ day - once via AT and the other via texting- so I'm going to keep bugging you until they announce the winner on Friday, January 28th.  ;)  Anyway,  head on over here & vote and leave a comment if you can.  (I know Eddie would love your support.)

Dave & I will be heading up to NYC next week to see the BIG WINDOWS in person at Bloomingdale's.  We're so excited & hope we'll be celebrating Eddie's BIG WIN!!!


ps- Make sure to check out Maria Killam of Colour Me Happy's Before & After in the previous post

Before & After Guest Blogger: Maria Killam @ Colour Me Happy

I am so thrilled to be guest blogging on Pure Style Home! Thanks Lauren for the opportunity!

My before’s and after’s are from a project that was featured on the cover of BC Home magazine  last September, my readers haven’t even seen the before’s of this loft so I’m excited to show them here!

My client Karen is a young Corporate Lawyer in downtown Vancouver who wanted her place to reflect her current level of success. I am lucky to have clients that mostly hire me because I have a talent for creating atmosphere  which happens only after the lighting and accessories have been installed. Not every designer has the luxury of finishing each space, I consider myself to be very lucky!

Karen hired me to decorate her empty loft (except for the large TV she had been given) I advised her to get rid of it. The one existing colour that we had to work with was the yellow beige broadloom because it was staying. She was renting the space so painting the white walls was not an option (in the end we created a colour block instead)

This was how it looked when all the soft furnishings had just been installed. Everything here was custom made except the 3 Malm dressers from IKEA that were used for extra storage and for the TV. It was also designed to be the focal point of the room. You can see that I repeated the carpet colour in the top panel of the drapery (and it’s in the polka dot ottomans as well).

Here is the space (photographed by me) the day before the photo shoot with everything in place. The branch was raided from a tree in my neighborhood!

I have learned that photographing interiors is all about the flowers and I went to 6 florists before I found one that had the dark purple leaf that is in the arrangement (above).

And here is the final professionally photographed image! Big difference isn’t it?

Here was her bedroom (before).

Since my client was buying everything else new, she decided (for now) to keep the bedroom furniture. The Lumpy TV had to go once again and she immediately bought the duvet cover from Macy’s when she saw it shopping in Seattle!


This bookshelf was at the 3rd level of her 3 level apartment (which ended on a rooftop deck, to see all the images from this project, click here:



Thanks Lauren for including me as part of the blogging community that will be appearing here weekly! I am honoured!


Thank you so much to Maria for showing us how to turn an ordinary rental into a magazine-worthy pad!!   Of course your colors are spot-on as always & I can't get over you finding the purple leaves for the arrangement!!  The whole place feels so young & fresh & light & modern.  Beautiful!!


ps-  Go here to vote for Eddie Ross's Window in THE BIG WINDOW CHALLENGE!!  (You can vote twice/ day!)