Thursday, July 8, 2010

Movin' Out

So things have been crazy as usual around here and we've decided to make some changes in hopes of getting some more quality time for our family and growing our business.  For starters, I'm moving the office out of the house.

{Suzanne Kasler's SICK office via one of my favorites, nest egg...  My office will not be this great, but I can dream}

It's been pretty tough running a business out of the house with an almost 3 yr-old and a 6 month old...  I feel guilty when I'm working because I know they want me, and I feel guilty when I'm hanging with them because I have work waiting for me right there.  Hopefully, getting the office out of the house will give me strict work hours and put a little bit of a chill on my workaholic tendencies.  My goal is to keep work at the office and then when I'm home, I can really just relax and be home.  I found myself wanting to go on vacations and get out of the house to relax and I realized that I now associate home with work.  (Not that I don't love work...  but I need my family time.)  I want home to be just home. 

I'm so excited about it and am 99.9% sure it's a 'go.'  It's planned for this September and as you can guess, I'm already psyched to do my new office.  The new office space is about to undergo a major renovation and the fun Victorian wing chair I found is the only piece I have squared away for sure (being reupholstered in a special fabric.)  My office will be pretty small so I'll need to pack in a lot of function in a small space.  I think I will have room for a massive inspiration wall. I've been reading Thomas O'Brien's American Modern and cannot wait to try out some of his ideas on it.

{Thomas O'Brien Image via Chic Coles, another favorite}

Since things are still in the works and not official yet, I'll have to save some of the {juicy-to-me} details for later, but there are so many cool opportunities at this new place of business I'm moving to.  I have to save the best part for later and it's KILLING me!!.  The SECOND I can, I will be letting you know what's up.  I hope you're enjoying this summer, and I am sorry I am so MIA-  Dave's home for the summer and I'm trying to spend as much of my free time with him & the boys as possible.   I truly love your comments and reading my favorite blogs- many of which I have yet to add to the new blogroll!!- but just have not been able to comment the way I wish I could right now. 

 xoxo, Lauren