Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Favorites: Linen Florals & Toiles

I'm looking for the perfect fabric for a pair of chairs in my living room. I'm leaning towards a linen or linen-look fabric with a pattern. I want it to have a hint of old-fashioned in it... something that reminds me of my Grandma Maestranzi's antique flowery china. I plan to put it on clean-lined upholstered pieces for a fun mix of modern & vintage. I also might use one of these fabrics on the reverse since they're linen and can be just as beautiful when they're all muted & washed-looking...

***Unfortunately I haven't figured out MOST of the manufacturers for these fabrics but found most of them through Greenhouse Fabrics and P. Tree Textiles when I was browsing around for ideas. (SO if anyone knows any that I don't name, please let me know!! :) Most of these fabrics are fabrics I love but the ones with ***s above them are ones I'm considering.
The first batch of fabrics is green. Now, many of you know me by now... And you know how much i LOVE neutrals and being able to switch up my throw pillows & accessories. So the green sort of nixes that... BUT maybe when it became time for a change, I could slipcover the chairs and then have the option for green or neutral??? Anyway, since I was little, I always thought about that drapery fabric from the Sound of Music that Maria uses to make the kids' clothes out of. (below) I even found a dress in college (still have it, but preggers belly is keeping me out of it this year!! ha) that reminded me so much of it that I had to have it. I love that fabric. Remember it?? ps- green is my FAVORITE color ;)

Anyway, I'm not in the mood for a damask but some of these fabrics (below) remind me of it AND my Grandma's china.
This next one gets **** It's Braemore's "Chiara" in pistachio linen:

*** Definitely need to order a sample as this is the same fabric: ( i love both though)
Braemore also makes this cute cane fabric that I thought I'd share. I'm not into that much matching but it is really great:
***Another of my favorites, This one of by Richloom, "Confection" in umber, again linen:
*** oooohh love this one too!! Don't know the manufacturer (anyone please??!!) I actually love this in all it's colorways so I'll call it "PRETTY FERNY FABRIC" I found it at Greenhouse Fabrics and they call it '"moss"
Another Greenhouse fabric: i'm a paisley-lover too
Mirage in kiwi found at P. Tree Textiles:
Greenhouse floral:
"Jungle Vine" in green by Waverly:"Picture Perfect Petal" found at P.Tree Textiles:Black & white Greenhouse floral:
*** I have to say I really love this fabric in black too. Again, if anyone knows the name of it, please email me!!! :) ...
*** LOVE this... Although I have to say this isn't a flattering picture. ;) ;) But really, the repeat is huge in person and this was the fabric I love on the reverse too. It's Richloom's "Confection" in charcoal. Currently this is at the top or close to it. Would use it on the reverse for sure...
**** Another Greenhouse mystery. They call this one "spa" and it does actually have a very pale aqua background.... I'd rather it in more of a gray as it's showing up on my computer. SO mabe it comes in other colorways?? Does anyone know who makes this?? It's a linen..
Greenhouse, but I think the name might be "sunroom" because I found a yellow version from P. Tree Textiles:
Greenhouse: (love this one too-- anyone know the manufacturer??)
Oh Greenhouse again! Greenhouse: (shocker!)Here is Chiara by Braemore in robin's egg. Really pretty:Another pic:Another unnamed Greenhouse fabric:
*** love this one.. a Greenhouse mystery, sadly. They call it "porcelain"... anyone??
The pretty ferny fabric again:
*** Here's the yellow version of the one higher up. It's called "sunroom" in camel and I found it at P.Tree Textiles.. anyone know who makes it?
Ooooo a favorite of mine that I've used a time or 2... I found it at Greenhouse but it's by Richloom and it called "aviary" in surf. This fabric is STUNNING in person. Check out what I did with it here.
So pretty, and now we move into birds... I would love any of these for throw pillows if I did go neutral... (All found at P. Tree Textiles)

ok, so there's my list right now. I add to it all the time. If anyone knows any of these manufacturers, let me know!!! thank you soooo much!!!



ps- I also have to apologize because I am so insanely behind on emails. If anyone has sent me a question in a comment or email that I didn't answer, please send me an email with it again!! I'm really sorry about this!! thanks!!