Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Fall Purge

Now's the time for getting rid of the clutter!! If you don't have a Fall clean-up in your neightborhood, set a deadline for yourself & do your own "Fall Cleanup." (image above from www.treelink.org)

The first thing is to get all of the "total junk" (or trash) out of your house & take it to the curb or dump. We did this this weekend & it feels SO good!! (The people left a shed full of junk here for us when we bought the house last Spring.)

As you're switching over your clothes from Summer to Winter/ Fall, go through each & every closet & drawer in your house. If you haven't worn something in the past year, decide whether to: give it away, throw it away (if you think no one would want it) or consign it.

Comb through your storage areas looking for items you or your kids may have outgrown or you no longer need/ want: old toys, ratty sheets & towels, bad decor purchases, non-working tools, etc. Finally, organize the wajeebies out of everything you're keeping so next season's organizing is easier.

*images from Real Simple

So go ahead, if you haven't already, begin THE PURGE. It's time and you'll feel so much better. I know I do!