Friday, August 20, 2010

Home Interior Designs

Microspot Interiors Professional provides powerful and simple solutions for home interior designs.

Home Interior Designs

Our award-winning Interiors software was developed specifically for home interior designs. Visualize a new living room design, a larger bathroom, a brand new kitchen and more. Turn your ideas and resources into an interactive 3d design. If you are searching for a powerful and low cost Mac program tailored for home interior designs, look no further.

Hometown Rooftop House Design Ideas

Roof top usually create as garden, but how if you have to have larger living space for optimizing privacy especially in hometown? At this house, rooftop becomes mini village for bedrooms. With blue outdoors colors, building on roof and space for playful activity beside it really enhance house appearance.

Parapet walls with windows surround the new village. Trees, tables, open-air showers and benches are added, optimizing the rooftop life. By finishing all elements with a blue poly-urethane coating a new “heaven” appears. It creates a crown on top of the monument. The addition can be seen as a prototype for a further densification of the old and existing city. It adds a roof life to the city. It explores the costs for the beams, infrastructure, and extra finishes, and it ultimately aims to be lower than the equivalent ground price. Designed by MVRDV.