Saturday, August 21, 2010

3D Interior design for Mac

Interiors is multi-threaded and optimized. Simply put, it means Interiors performs faster. It's not only the interface that we have optimized, the latest version has been fine tuned under the hood to give you the fastest Interiors yet. The Microspot renderer is now multi-processor aware so if you have more than one or a dual-core processor the renderer will take advantage and use them all, the result, rendering times are slashed.

Contemporary Ranch Style House Remodeling Design

This ranch house totally changed into contemporary modern house. With slope site, this house has spilt level and all corners have outdoors space for daily and party activities. Open plan concept applied continuous form from inside to outside. For the kitchen, aluminum kitchen furniture applied with cheerful colors of appliances. New exterior finishes were chosen to blend the house with the shadowed tree trunks of the surrounding woods and windows and doors were replaced and reconfigured to optimize views to the surrounding landscape. Some walls removed to make bigger space. Interior design fulfill with accent details to cheer up the ambience. Designed by Architecture and Design.