Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This Model is Costing Me Money

Must give a pregnancy rant for a moment. I'm about 6 months along and, though the occasion is rare, sometimes I want to look stylish. (sadly, i'm a sweats wearer on most weekdays when I'm at the house) BUT when I'm going out, I figure I should make a good attempt. Anyway, everything I see this Maternal America model in, I just LOVE!!

I ordered the dress above and thought it would be perfect for a party & a rehearsal dinner I have in the near future. Well, well, well. It arrived in the mail (I don't know of any good maternity shops around--- Motherhood is "meh" at best --don't get me wrong, i have lots of stuff from there-- and A Pea in A Pod induces a guilt in me just from walking in the door!) and it was ok in person but nothing compared to the picture. (It's actually a fairly flimsey jersey knit- not happy with the material for the price) But,'s not the dress.. haha it's me. Or should I say THE model. I ordered a few other things & realized they were all from HER. Like this yellow one below:
Just love it in the picture... but my "bump" is 3 times as big and my shoulders are much broader and it just doesn't look right on me! It's like ordering from Victoria's Secret for pregnant ladies!!! I want to ask them to get some bigger models so I can at least have an idea of what it will look like on me!! Here she is again! (below) Wouldn't this dress be perfect for the wedding I have coming up??? I so want to do it but I'm NOT falling for it (or should I say HER) again!!!!

Ok, rant over. But she sure is costing me a lot in shipping!! ;)
ah vell!
will get a design-related post up- I promise!!! :)