Friday, September 4, 2009

My Chinoiserie Mirror & Entry

I found this crazy vintage chipped Chinoiserie Mirror at Lucketts yesterday & just went for it. My entryway is dull and uninviting to use the nicest of terms. It's really bad. (below) yummy linoleum (before.)

And you can see it from the Living room and the main wall is actually a focal point of sorts when in the living room (which is where the pic above is taken from. ) I'm putting it high on the main wall so it reflects all of the windows in the living room, not a person's face, when you're in the entry (I'm doing a smaller one across from the door for that.) Here's the mirror below (not hung yet- sorry!) in the repainted entry (white white) which now has wall-to-wall seagrass.

Red is NOWHERE in my house. I'm not usually a red fan but something about this mirror just made me grab it. I just love its patina & chips & cracks. It matches nothing I have but the love was there so I'm sure it'll work.

This 4 foot tall caged lantern (below from for around $200- what a deal!!) arrived yesterday and I can't wait to install it to replace the sickly-light-producing-globe one that's there now!!!

And one last pic of the chips & cracks!! (I know I go overboard taking pics of the same thing sometimes but just can't help myself)

Have a great weekend everyone. We're hoping our floors have arrived on time so we'll be installing those along with all of the installs for a client's SURPRISE master bedroom. (She is surprising her fiance and they will be gone for the weekend & will come home to a completely new room!!! She's seen nothing in person - only the design plan- and I'm so excited to make a nice romantic space for the newlyweds!! I was thinking how cute it would be to have champagne & rosepetals or something waiting for them but then I also realized how weird that might be.. hahaha maybe just some pretty flowers!) wish me luck!!