Saturday, May 16, 2009

Almost Back!!!

Hello again!!!! It's me, lauren, and I'm at my parents' house (with a computer!) and just wanted to leave a quick post. Things have been great at the new house- super-busy & exhausting in a good way.

The image above is from Calico Corners & represents a little more of what I'm looking for right now- color & pattern. (I'll explain in more detail below!)

We hit the kitchen the first weekend & tore out that funny stage/ petting zoon in the basement down to the studs. (Thanks goodness for my in-laws visiting!!!- my father-in-law is a workhorse and my mother-in-law really helped me get going.) Our (WONDERFUL) friends (a landscape designer & her husband) have been amazing & have helped us cut down dead trees & get started on the yard, which is a swamp (SERIOUS WATER ISSUES!! ) I put out our adirondack chairs under a dry spot in the yard and Christian & I and our dog Ashby have been enjoying them.

This is going to sound really crazy coming from me, but I have to be honest, having all white is DRIVING ME CRAZY.

No joke, it's killing me. Once I put up the drapes I started feeling better, but I'm really craving some bright color right now!! (I'm already way past the "base stage " and ready to get to the stage where I want to add my color!! hahaha) =The fabric below is 'Keira' which can be found at Calico Corners and we used on the guest bedroom drapes.

Ok, off to paint!! I'll have internet on Monday & will be back in full-swing. I've missed you all so much & feel very out of the loop!


ps- Thank you so much Camila for your posts while I way away!!!! (Hee hee I love all the ideas!!;)