Friday, July 24, 2009

Our Living Room: Going Green!!!

Well, I took the plunge. We decided on a bright mossy velvet for our sofa reupholstery. I can't find an image that looks like it exactly... It's a bit less limey/ more green than the pic above (house beauitful) and the cotton velvet is super-rich with lots of tonal variation.

We're doing a pair of these tight-back arm chairs from Martha Stewart in the ferny fabric (above) on the reverse (again, color is off):

Here's the exact shape of the sofa (Atlanta Bartlett)... and you must've known I'd have to have a back-up plan... We're also getting a white washable slipcover made for the sofa (exactly like the one below) for warmer months, kids, and so we can bring in any color scheme we want. (Ok, so I can bring in any color scheme.. hhahaha a like my husband really gets to the urge to reaccessorieze! ;) --- We're waiting on having the slipcover made until I feel the urge.. because I'm definitely really exited about the green right now. And... just so you don't think I'm really crazy with money/ flippant I should explain: We got the sofa off of craiglist for really cheap & the current fabric is really dirty. I really wanted to do white slipcovers, but we would have had to reupholster the fabric anyway because it was dirty/ old/ and striped, showing through the slipcover... SO I decided to reupholster it in a fun color so I could have the option to take off the slipcover. Now we'll just wait a few months for the slipcover.

We went with green because we really feel that it's true to the house and its connection with the outdoors. Green greets us from every view and I really want the interiors to be all about the views. (It's also both my & my husband's favorite color ;)

There will still be tons of white because you know I need that:

We bought these glass lamps from Arteriors Home for next to the sofa:

The plan is to tear out the carpet & do hardwood floors. We'll probably start out with seagrass rugs and eventually I'd love to find the perfect worn, antique (or antique-looking, I'm really not picky) patterned rug to layer over the seagrass in the living room. I also want to layer my favorite green fabrics and/ or use them as a skirted table in the open dining room. I want to bring on some old-fashioned florals:

Below is a room with a green sofa from the Martha Stewart furniture line:

Our Living room will be a bit softer, more blended but just to give you an idea.. I love how you can mix virtually any color with green- blues, aquas, pinks, browns, etc... getting pumped!! Since I'm crazy about green rightnow I figured it was time to join the Hooked On Houses blog party. Check it out!! Anyway, we're off to visit my dad at his lakehouse for some (finally!!!) rest & relaxation!!!!

I cannot wait to sit on the dock and swim & go boating & tubing!!! (notice how i'm screaming in the pic below and my husband is just relaxing .. hahahah)
Will be posting from there & hope to get lots done at the lakehouse to show you!!!