Wednesday, August 19, 2009

S.O.S!!!!! Pen Shell Coffee Table!!! HELP!!!!

So I hate it when this happens but a coffee table I just specified for a design for a client was discontinued!!!! It's a Martha Stewart for Bernhardt piece (the "Obi Cocktail table") and is inlaid with young pen shells. Has anyone seen anything similar for a possible substitute?? Here it is below:
Ahhhhhh I just LOVE IT and this makes me so sad!!!! Not looking forward to breaking this to my very excited clients :( (I haven't even started searching yet- I thought I'd start with you all since you've saved me many times before!!!) Below is a close-up of the matching console so you get the idea.

If anyone has any idea/ thoughts, please let me know!!!! Thanks!!!



Tiny Spa - Before & After

I wanted to share with you a small guest bathroom of a client's.

It started out as a really typical bathroom, as you can see from the before pics below. (There's her sweet dog, Sasha.) Below, she had a standard tub/ shower and builder grade tile, vanity, etc.

The vanity was tucked in between 2 walls (below) and we stole a closet from the guest bedroom. (Remember this one?) so we could have more space for the shower... It felt cramped & awkward when I first saw it.
My client is a pilates instructor with an in-home studio and wanted a "spa..." a place where she could relax & recharge- and a place her guests would love to use... Something special. (My "after pics" are unfortunately not that great--- it's really hard to photograph a small room with no natural light. ) But here's the new vanity area now:

I LOVE the faucet (Pottery Barn!) and the mirror is made of out shaved and bent wood.
Here's a view of the whole vanity (with Porter, her other dog, in the shot ;)

The shower is exactly what my client wanted: a "spa" shower out of tumbled travertine with multiple heads and she even can load in essential oils for the steam shower function.

There are so many water sprays and she's loving it!!

A nice spot to enjoy the steam:

I used a mini Moravian star from Circa Lighting to with the same oil rubbed bronze finish as the rest of the fixtures...

And it's so relaxing & pretty at night....

Well, that's it for now- she's got her spa and now I want one too!!! It really was so much fun to create such a luxurious little space in a normal home. When we're redoing our bathrooms, we often forget about these small luxuries, but they really can be SO doable!!! This client really helped me "think outside of the box" on what could be done in such a typical space. Hope you enjoyed!!!